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Classes 8-10 Don't be superstitious: Theatre Day on Friday 13

28.04.2022 | Vörtler

Welcome to: The Phoenix Theatre Team at Sportgymnasium                                                                  Presenting: New Beginnings or The American Dream 

  • When:   at 8 a.m.
  • Who:     Classes 8-10
  • Where:  School canteen

The play is set on board The President Grant
bound for New York City, at the Immigration station 
on Ellis Island, New York City harbour, NYC and a Café.

You will meet immigrants, grandparents, their granddaughter, an inspector, a doctor and- surprise: even Abraham Lincoln and Trump...

The play is dealing with the aspects of life in the USA in days gone by and in modern times, thus being a whirlwind tour of America.

The Phoenix Theatre Team's promise? Some challenging, humorous and entertaining slice of the American pie.

Enjoy yourselves!